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Snowfire Sculpture for Winter on the Rocks

project overview

This winter saw Icelantic’s Winter on the Rocks—the first ever winter concert at Red Rocks Amphitheatre. This landmark event celebrated winter in Colorado and was held in conjunction with SnowSports Industries America’s (SIA) Snow Show (SIA’s largest and most comprehensive trade show).

Of course, The Public Works had to be a part of this! Along with being a featured partner of the event, The Public Works designed and created a sculpture that not only served as a focal point and warming-spot for concert-goers, but also honored this momentous event. We created “Snowfire” out of CNC-cut and hand-curved snowflakes that we welded together to form a sphere 7-feet in diameter. To this, we added a centerpiece composed of cut-outs of skiers and snowboarders. And, then, with the help and oversight of Red Rocks and City of Denver firefighters, we installed 3 giant propane burners. The result was—as one fan noted—“the best snow globe ever”: a stunning snowball of fire that folks huddled around and even roasted marshmallows on.

Suffice it to say, “Snowfire” heated up Winter on the Rocks; it was a huge hit. It even landed in the pages of the Denver Post the following day. And our rugged ball of steel will live on . . . We’re not sure where “Snowfire” will go next, but you can be sure it will be seen again . . . .

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