The 3rd Business of Fun just went down at Casselman’s in Denver. DJ Largechild on the 1′s and 2′s, free food, and 140 people in attendance to watch our amazing panelists expound on The Business of Fun.

HUGE thanks to all the panelists that took time out of their busy schedules to share some of their knowledge and experience.

Gordy Hirsch art director at Amelie Company
Kristin Rust Long time PR guru
Gabe Anderson Co-owner Jiberish Clothing
Josh Berman Owner Level 1 Productions
Phoebe Mills Olympic medalist, head coach and program manager at Woodward at Copper
Tricia Byrnes Snowboarding legend, entrepreneur, social networking expert Feel The Byrnes
Ben Anderson Owner Icelantic Skis
Laura Wisner Director of Marketing Spyder
Brady Collings Director of Visual Communications Spyder
Rustin Coburn Owner DVLP Clothing
Frank Phillips Co-founder The Public Works