Born in the burrows of Massachusetts just north of Boston, Däg grew up like any normal kid in that area, with summers on the beach by the ocean and winters playing in the snowy hills to the north. Though one thing separated him from most of the other children on the school yard jungle gym that he grew up with. His father immersed him and his brothers at an early age in the arts of the wilderness, his idea of a family vacation would be to trek the family into the deep woods of Northern Maine, hours from civilization to go fishing and hunting. It was here that Dä g gained an appreciation for the movement of nature and the steadiness of the land.

This gratefulness pointed his compass West at the age of 20 to explore the great Rocky Mountains and seek out something that had been missing from his life to that point. Through a variety of skills but especially rock climbing and camping, he learned the lay of the land and can navigate to many hidden areas most have never been or know about.

It wasn’t until years of being a “ski bum” and spending countless dollars contemplating the theories of life over pitchers of beer, Däg found his path in life. He attended The Art Institute of Colorado in which he majored in commercial photography and for the first time in his life excelled at something and was truly inspired.

Teaming up with The Public Works was one of those long chain of events that with one change to the time line may have landed him who knows where. Thankfully the stars aligned and it was a great fit from day one. TPW has given Däg the chance utilize all of his skills to flourish, from shooting product in the studio to going out on-location in the mountains to capture that colorado outdoor lifestyle.

Why I enjoy working with TPW

In Art school there was always this whisper from the teachers that 50% of the photographers who graduated would end up working at Whole Foods or the equivalent. The competition in this industry is there, it can’t be ignored, most don’t get their business off the ground. The market these days is saturated with professional grade cameras easily obtainable by the your average consumer. This in turn makes the level of photography desired by clients even more difficult to create in order to separate yourself from the average joe. If you do make it into a profession you’re likely to end up assisting for many years following which can be very frustrating.

The Public Works gave me a chance to excel by heading up some rather large projects in the studio. To have that confidence placed in your work and in yourself to make sure something is done to the standards of the company is a great feeling. Since joining this team the amount of growth as a photographer and as a person has been exponential just from working around so many talented people, feels like I finally have my brains in my head and my feet in my shoes.



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