The Blast – Last of 2018

Thanks for following us on our journey! Happy Holidays to everyone! This Blast we have some exciting projects to share: A partnership with First Descents and a piece we made for CNN, a craftsmanship story with K2 Skis, a design story with Otterbox, more work with Airstream, two snow finding journeys to the southern hemisphere with Spyder, a Colorado shoot with Deuter, a European river cruise with Avalon and EO, a Smartwool product shoot, and a Smartwool TV Spot.

First Descents

The Public Works is proud to be working with First Descents as a media partner. First Descents resonates with us in so many ways so it only seemed right to pledge our services to their mission. FD taps into the energy and healing spirits of the outdoors and adventure to provide life changing programing for young adults with cancer.

“This summer at Tarkio was my first experience with FD. It was a beautiful and powerful thing to watch the transformative force of adventure and nature work its magic. I loved spending time with such a diverse group of individuals and it was an honor of capturing a small part of their journey.” -Ian Fohrman

This year was FD’s first Multiple Sclerosis program and we were there to capture the pilot program for CNN as a follow up to their CNN Hero series. Check it out here.


K2 Craftsmanship

We’ve been fans of K2 since we were wee tykes. It was a huge honor to get to create a piece telling the craftsmanship story of the brand.

It was also pretty damn cool spending time with the crew in the development center. Those guys have been making skis and snowboards for 40+ years each (a combined century + of ski and snowboard building experience). They were super welcoming to our production crew (probably didn’t hurt that we build stuff too and could speak their language) and showed us the ropes. It’s amazing that a brand as big and established as K2 is still developing all their skis and boards in-house and by hand. It was also pretty cool to feel the history of skiing and snowboarding… so many of the athletes that we’ve looked up to, that influenced the direction of snow sports, have spent time creating in that building. Click to watch



We love working with Colorado brands, especially ones that are crushing on a global level. We had the opportunity to hang with our friends at Otterbox on their huge beautiful campus in Ft. Collins, Colorado. Our task was to tell the story of their design team and highlight how they embody the playfulness that Otterbox has made part of their brand identity. Click to check it out.

Spyder – New Zealand

We had our tickets booked to South America. We had accommodations booked, plans with athletes and resorts. Bags were packed and gear was sorted but 2 days before our flight we got news that due to a poor winter, our destination resorts were closing early. We scrambled and 24 hours later we were on a plane over the Pacific Ocean and heading to New Zealand.

We had a bare-bones stealth crew of one photographer, two athletes, and one client. 4 days of travel for 3 days of shooting. But we got it done! We love this stuff!

Spyder – Australia
Sometimes picking the right mountain for a shoot is an interesting process. We were looking for a resort in the southern hemisphere that had a great terrain park and also a willingness to be gracious hosts. Mt. Hotham in Australia exceeded our expectations on every front. The red carpet was rolled out as soon as we arrived and the resort staff was always right there with us trying to help curate the shoot and make sure the athletes were completely taken care of. It was also nice that Hotham was at the tail end of one of the best snow seasons in its history.

Mt Hotham is a bit different than any other mountain we have experienced. The village is at the top of the mountain and you ride down into the valley. This not only makes it really easy ski-in and ski-out access but also amazing views and weather checks right from the condo.

We lucked out with a variety of weather conditions, snow conditions and a mix of eco-systems within a short drive which gave the shoot a wide mix of looks for the photos.

We can’t thank the crew of Mt Hotham enough for making us feel at home while being on the other side of the planet.


Airstream – Laura Austin

We had the privilege of telling the story of Laura Austin’s Endless Caravan.  She spent 2 months solo traveling in the Airstream Nest and documenting the experience as part of Airstream’s Endless Caravan program.

“This whole experience was life-changing for me. I realized that I definitely have an affinity for a nomadic lifestyle. If I could have continued this trip beyond two months, I knew I wouldn’t have any problem with being on the road for a year. ” – Laura Austin.

Laura is a badass and it was an honor to capture her journey. We caught up with her during her Oregon leg of the journey. We traveled from Portland to White Salmon and Mt. Hood. Watch the video and then check out more of her work on her website and on Instagram.


Airstream Ecomm Shoot

This shoot was a doozy. 4 trailers, 8 vehicles, 20 people rallying around the Arkansas Valley of Colorado capturing content for Airstream’s Ecommerce site, their brand site, and all the assets for the brand new Basecamp X and Nest trailers. As always, working with Airstream is an honor and a pleasure. We were able to capture the trailers in half a dozen scenes in 4 days of shooting. Our talent was all local folks from Salida and one of the coolest parts of the shoot was getting to spend time with such awesome Colorado small town folks.

Special shout out to PT Wood. The Mayor of Salida and founder of Woods Distillery. You were an exceptional host and you make a damn good bourbon (and gin)… and your bar tender made the best Old Fashion we’ve ever had.



This was a beautiful day in the Colorado woods with the Deuter team. It’s always great working with people that share our passion for spending time outside. We’re big fans of the gear, the company, and the people. Go Colorado!


Avalon Europe
In the summer of 2017 we filmed in Vienna for Avalon River Cruises with the Wrenkh brothers. The brothers had just worked with Avalon to add new healthy and creative menu options to the cruise menu and we went to capture the story. Being on this trip and being immersed in the whole experience lit the fire to go back. But not just go back quiet, we wanted to go back and bring about 100 friends along.

Working with Avalon and EO Organization we charted an entire river boat and took members from the global entrepreneurial organization for this once in a lifetime experience. People came from 17 different EO chapters and 7 countries. We sailed, partied, canoed, learned, cooked, biked and just fully immersed ourselves in Hungary, Slovakia and Austria.

To travel through new places with friends, both new and old, is one of the greatest gifts.

Not to just sit on our heels, figured as long as we are in Europe with Bonanno Concepts we might as well knock an episode of the PBS show, “Chef Driven”, so that was added into the adventure also.


Smartwool TV Spot

Smartwool Ride to OR

Smartwool has had an amazing tradition of doing a group bike ride to the summer Outdoor Retailer tradeshow. This use to be even more intense when the show was in Salt Lake and they were riding from Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Lucky for us (kind of) Utah doesn’t really protect their public lands enough and the show opted to move to Denver.

Steamboat to Denver in three days is still no easy feat. Huge mountain passes, river crossings, dirt roads, wild life, head winds… you get the picture. We got to tag along and capture this team effort and we did it all from the comforts of our truck. Seriously comfortable. Marshall accomplished his first ever armchair filming from the pickup bed. We almost felt guilty but someone had to do it.

Huge props to all these folks who set out and took the road less traveled and thoroughly enjoyed the outdoors, before being in a convention center talking about the outdoors.


The Meeting

The Meeting is one of our favorite annual events that combines the magic of fall in Aspen, networking, learning, and playing outside with amazing people. This year Ian was invited as a speaker for a conversation about production, creativity, and marketing.

“It was such an honor be invited and share the stage with Dirk Collins, Davenport, and Harriet. I’ve been looking up to the people on that stage for 14 years and to be sitting up there with people I respect was really cool. Huge thanks to Aspen for having me.” -Ian Fohrman

Tool of the Month

We’re completely aware that these blasts don’t happen monthly but “Tool of the Month” has a nicer ring to it than “Tool of Quarter (or whenever we can make these things happen)”. Anyway, for this Blast our tool is the new DJI Mavic 2 Pro with Hasselblad camera.

This thing is next level. The 360 sensors allow you to fly with a new level of confidence. The 1” 20MP CMOS sensor, adjustable aperture: (f/2.8–f/11), and 4k Dlog-M (10bit) produces beautiful sharp images that leave plenty of digital leeway for post production.

We’ve already had the opportunity to fly it in Cuba, Greece, New Zealand, Aspen, and the UK.