Red Bull Game Breakers is very simply put — “Football with More Game!” It’s high school football, Red Bull style. This seven on seven tournament, consisting of sixteen regional qualifiers and one final in Dallas, will no doubt separate the players from the “game breakers” and give the best teams in the region (who might not otherwise have the chance to play each other) the opportunity to compete.

After completing the awards last year in 2011, we were asked to ‘go bigger.’ We’re not sure if they knew we’d accept their challenge the way we did, but nonetheless, they received what they asked for. In total, 4 trophies and 120 medallions were delivered to Dallas for the National Championship bracket, and the winning team walked away with a trophy measuring over 3 feet tall. We like to call trophies ‘small sculptures,’ but this might have put us just into the regular sculpture department.

The trophies were a huge hit, and one of our main contacts at Red Bull was quoted as ‘a proud father’ of the trophies. We’d have to agree.