The Public Works was approached by Grind Media earlier in the year to design awards for the 2012 SUP Awards. This was on the heels of completing another set of awards for the 2012 Powder Awards (another Grind Media subsidiary). We truthfully went into this project not knowing much about stand up paddle boarding, but through the help of the team at Grind Media, we came away with a better understanding of the sport and the passion SUP athletes possess.

The Grind Media team wanted a design that would last for more than one year, so they looked to iconic awards for inspiration, such as the Emmys and Academy Awards. Since SUP stands out from surfing through the use of a paddle, the design incorporated both board and paddle into a monolith like structure. The board/paddle and base were made from laser-cut apple plywood, a very high quality ply that has a unique contrasting layered edge, and finished with a dyed lacquer. From there, a second layer of gold acrylic was laser cut with the award logo, and a third layer contained a laser cut SUP logo from black acrylic. This created a there layered look, and each piece was finished with a traditionally engraved metal nameplate.

The staff at Grind Media, and especially the winning recipients, were stoked on the outcome of the awards, and the event itself was an all around success for the SUP community. You can read more about the event here