The Bear Naked Granola brand experience kiosk is now on the way back from the East Coast after stopping at the Teva Games in Vail.

On Board Experiential Marketing came to us because they knew we bring more to the table than just fabrication. Most of what passes through our fab shop starts with napkin sketches from chairlift, trailhead, or bar room meetings and goes though a long series of sketches, engineering, and prototyping. On this project On Board had a refined design that we helped bring to life.

The kiosk is framed out of beetle kill and skinned with corrugated steel. We CNCed the signage in our solar powered shop in Evergreen and the rest of the build went down in our Battery621 shop. The crew from On Board came down to Battery, checked out the finished product, and we loaded their trailer (wrapped by our friends at Ink Monstr) so they could hit the road to the Teva Games.


Loaded and ready to roll.

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