After spending the past five years at Winter Park Resort, Crankworx moved on to focus on other locations. However, our good friend Bob Holme was not going to let that stop WP from hosting the summer’s premiere mountain bike event in Colorado. They in turn created the Colorado Freeride Festival, a fresh take on the comp of year’s past.

We’ve been fortunate to design and fabricate the awards for Crankworx and WP the past five years, and this summer was no different for CFF. This year’s awards kept the pine beetle kill theme of year’s past in the base, but this time we laser etched it to color fill the logo. We then used a green ‘laserable,’ a material with a green surface that reveals white when etched, for the CFF crest application. Finally, we had the large numbers cut from thick, raw steel, and hammered them into the bases.

In the end, Bob did a great job directing the new branding design of the Colorado Freeride Festival, and we did our best to highlight the branding across the award designs. We’re looking forward to see the Colorado Freeride Festival grow, and we’ll keep evolving the award design until the phone stops ringing.