After completing the Oakley Surf Shop Challenge (OSSC) championship trophy and OSSC Regional trophies, Oakley asked us to build a trophy for this year’s Oakley Pro Junior (OPJ) in Japan. Since we knew this trophy was going to be awarded on site in Japan, we looked to classic Japanese architecture and culture to create one of the most unique trophies we’ve come up with to date.

The trophy structure, made from cherry wood, was designed to be reminiscent of the Japanese Torii, a gate usually found at the entrance to a shrine. We believe surfers see the ocean as their ‘shrine,’ so the torrii made perfect sense. With the structure in place, we needed a way to display the OPJ branding. A gong came to mind immediately, and our friends at Great Big Color in Denver were up to the task of printing directly onto the gong itself. The last step was to laser etch the Torii with the proper sponsor and event information, which provided a great contrast of color in the wood, allowing us to forgo painting those areas.

When it was all said and done, the trophy amazingly made its way to the Oakley Japan office in under 24 hours from when it left Denver. We can safely say this trophy is in our top 5 favorite designs, and the team at Oakley, as well as the winner, were stoked with the outcome as well.