Frank has built his career around his love of outdoor sports and the equipment that drives action sports.  Growing up in California with access to the beach, great trails, and the Sierras fostered a love of the outdoors that continues unabated.  This passion, fueled by over twenty years of engineering within the industry is what eventually lead to the creation of The Public Works.  Frank’s experience has garnered him an abundance of associates in the engineering and action sports worlds, including manufacturing and design professionals, mechanical experts, professional athletes, and key contacts within top worldwide brands such as Red Bull and Helly Hansen.
After earning a Bachelor’s degree in Santa Barbara, and a Master’s degree in San Luis Obisbo, Frank made a move across the states to Vermont in ’96, starting out his career in the action sports world when he joined the R&D department of Burton Snowboards.  There, Frank became one of the foremost innovators in snowboard bindings, engineering and designing six distinct platforms, with eight distinct patents to date.  It was at Burton where Frank met Mike Arzt, co-founder of The Public Works. 
In 2002 Frank moved to Colorado where he began his own engineering design consultancy company. With his own company came the opportunity to expand into new industries and projects.  Initial accomplishments include engineering and designing Concept 2 Ergometers and Oars, the Vasa Ergometer, leading the design and engineering of the new high end Hammerhead Sled, creating state-of-the-art hockey sticks for Nike Bauer, and speaking engagements focused on project management techniques that improve the innovation process for VMEC, along with continued work consulting with Burton Snowboards on their innovative binding program.
Frank’s love of the outdoors has created a foundation for thinking hard about how his contribution could be a positive impact on the environment.  He is continually looking for ways to be creative with the health of the Earth in mind.  Frank now lives in Evergreen, Colorado with his wife and two daughters.  He enjoys introducing his girls to the fine art of wrenching on metal or working with wood, but gets special pleasure nurturing their fix for a little more time in the outdoors and fueling their adventure fix, no matter if that’s hooking into a fish, cutting up some snow, or ripping through the woods on two wheels.
The Public Works is a full-service project management firm, focusing on design, engineering and fabrication, through creative and marketing deliverables. However, it is the philosophy that 1+1=3, the partnership of two creative, dedicated minds and the passion for custom, powerfully-branded products that makes The Public Works the only of its kind.

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