At the Plainfield Public Library in Indiana, The Public Works collaborated with DEMCO (a unique library supplies provider) on an installation of our Supple Collection furnishings (a unique brand of sustainable library furniture, designed, fabricated and brought to market by The Public Works). Following this collaboration, DEMCO also hired us to return and document all of their recent projects in the area.

So, we recently traveled to Indiana to photograph four libraries. One of the libraries we visited on the trip was the Plainfield Public Library.

The Plainfield Public Library now has an awesome mix of our Supple Collection pieces in use, including: “Jellies” (book shelves); “Jumps” (self-check desks); and “Bugs” (media displays). In addition to these in-line pieces, they also have custom pieces that we fabricated to match the look of their existing shelving units and displays. All pieces were made in The Public Work’s Colorado facility. They were then sent via truck to Indiana, along with five of our staff, who ensured the install was super-smooth and to our own high standards and our clients’ desires.

On this most recent trip to the Plainfield Public Library, it was inspirational for us to see first-hand how much the public library environment has changed. The Plainfield Public Library is now a cutting- edge, beautiful example of how a library can transition from a book warehouse into a key focal point of the community. While there, we observed: numerous people working in the library; others utilizing the space for business meetings and tutoring sessions; and approximately 40 eighth graders roll into the private teen room for an afterschool session. During our all-day shoot, the library was packed with hundreds of people coming through. It was an affirmation for us that our passion, designs and work can make a huge, positive impact.