We were honored with the opportunity to beta test the new Pocketwizard FlexTT5 Nikon System and wanted to write this post on a few of our findings. The product is on the market and available to consumers now and they’re definitely worth checking out. This is not a full review, plenty of those already exist, just a highlight of a few things we loved about them.

We tested for two weeks on a Spyder shoot in Portillo, Chile (check out it out here) and have been shooting the system non-stop since we got it in our hands. The FlexTT5 system is working great and there is a ton of exciting technology that’s changing what we can do with off-camera flashes.

We were able to sync the Profoto 7B pack at 1/1600th without losing any of the frame! This is HUGE! This allows us to shoot strobes during the day without being confined to a 1/250 which was a big problem for shooting day time action with stobes. We were also able to sync nikon speed lights up to 1/8000 of a second.

The ControlTL system works shockingly well. The fact that we can now set up as many strobes as we want and get a baseline exposure PERFECT on the first set up in no time at all is huge. For events, shooting lifestyle with speed lights, and other high paced environments this is a huge help.

With the newest firmware update that enables the AC3 controller we can now control 3 banks of flashes up to 6 stops each. This is incredibly helpful technology that will change the way we shoot. We can now make quick adjusting on the fly and since we often have flashes mounted in difficult to get to places this makes a big difference. Though we haven’t had a chance to test the outputs with a light meter the system works amazingly well.

Red Bull Media House has also recently teamed up with Pocketwizard and as photofiles photographers there were able to provide us with a full new production kit that has been utilized well on Red Bull shoots.

Colby West
Jake Zamansky
Sage Cattabriga-Alosa and Sean Pettit
Boulder Red Bull Thre3style