We already posted about designing, building, delivering, and installing the branding for the 2011 Red Bull Cold Rush in Silverton as well as shooting the event. We promised a video in that post so here it is:

We also just headed to Texas with a trailer full of infrastructure goodies to deliver. We designed and built this DJ booth is for Red Bull account Rich’s Bar. It is fabricated from powder-coated steel and fixed with color changing strobing LED lights side lighting the front branding.

We built The Blues Jean Bar a portable retail experience to take on the road to test new markets and deliver their unique product to regions where they don’t yet have a physical location. The Blues Jean Bar takes an innovative approach to selling denim where knowledgeable friendly “Jeans Tenders” help customers find their perfect pair of jeans. They have 7 locations nationally and are rapidly expanding.

We designed the modular portable system as a system of light weight crates made of beetle kill pine. The crates nest together to create a shelving system and front bar. The top crates in each stack have branding both inside (behind the denim) and on the back and can be oriented either way depending on signage needs and amount of denim. The bar is branded with water jet cut steel.

We designed and built these tables are for the American Airlines Center (where we shot the 2010 Sound Clash with Erikah Badu and Shiny Toy Guns). We delivered them with huge printed photos from Red Bull Media House printed on brushed aluminum and framed with beautiful aluminum extrusion.