January 1, 2021 marks 15 years since our incorporation. If you’re reading this, it’s because you’ve been part of our journey in some way and we are grateful for you. The adventures have been fun, the work rewarding, but it’s the people along the way that have made our journey a rocking good time. To all our clients, previous clients, collaborators, and friends. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Can’t wait for the next 15 years!

Throughout a wild year, The Public Works team has been focused on staying positive, busy, and we are doing our best to put good work and good energy into the world. If you’ve been lucky enough to join in years past then you know that few events have better energy than our annual private Silverton Mountain Take-over trip, with all proceeds going towards First Descents. Spots have filled up but we’re building the standby list, and in such uncertain times, it’s still worth signing up.

As we move forward into a new year we promise to continually strive for improvement, self critique and a deeper understanding of what we can do to support those around us. We are always open to conversations. If you have ideas of how we can put our skills, abilities, and passions to use to support people, community, or environment – please reach out.

We also want to share some of what we’ve been up to lately. Since our last post we’ve been working at full tilt. We’ve been helping companies like Moet Hennessy adapt to the changing circumstances with live events (eg. dealer presentations, sales meetings, virtual events). We’ve created still and moving images for Spyder Madshus, BCA, Mammut, Smartwool, Salto, Royal Crest, Velocity Outdoors, Airstream, Thor Industries, and Deuter. We traveled to Michigan for Thor Industries to tell a story of a family owned, female operated surf shop on the great lakes. We joined Kalen Thorien in the desert for another Thor story. We feel exceptionaly grateful we’ve been trusted to create work for so many amazing clients, especially in the latter part of 2020. A huge thank you goes out to all our clients and to everyone following the journey. We’re wishing you all health and happiness as we enter a new year.

Silverton Shred – First Descents Fundraiser

First Descents is one of The Public Works’ key giving partners and, of all the ways that we try to support their cause, the annual Silverton takeover is one of our favorites. For those who haven’t experienced it: 2 days of guided private mountain (with an option for heli access) in some of Colorado’s most impressive mountains is outdoor healing and therapy (something we could all use a little of right now) for those who attend which will in turn raise funds and provide opportunities for others facing life threatening challenges through First Descent’s programs.

2021 Silverton Shred: The Business of Fun event is 100% SOLD OUT!! Thank you for having our backs and helping make this a sell out event!

We have started a waitlist for anyone still interested in joining. While we do not have space right now there are sometimes drops and there is a chance Silverton will allow our crew a few more spots. Let us know if you know someone who would like to be added to it!

Finally, if you haven’t yet, check out the recent CNN vid featuring FD’s new HERO RECHARGE program for Healthcare Workers!

Livestreams – Möet, Sales Guys, Denver Startup Week, Whiskey

The world is changing and we believe it’s part of our job to help our clients adapt and continue to thrive. Trade shows, dealer meetings, sales meetings, and in person product presentations required rethinking in 2020. Our clients have found they can not only retain the best parts of in-person meetings, presentations, and events but they are able to enhance these experiences and enjoy huge savings on the old way of doing business.

TPW.LIVE, our live-stream and digital event platform, has helped a wide range of clients creatively take advantage of the changing environment. We have the capability to do up to 4 camera live events for virtual sales meetings, live TV shows, hosted live events and more.   We can push the output signal to any hosted platform, Zoom, Google Hangouts, MS Teams etc. We offer multiple packages – from small one camera setups to full built studio environments with high production value and custom pre-captured and edited content. It’s more important than ever to stay proactive and connected – higher quality production value has proven to be an effective support tool for companies and teams of all sizes.  Recent success stories include: Deuter, Möet Hennessy, Smartwool, Denver Startup Week, Jake Whiskey, Ortovox.

Hit us up if you’re looking to make your next presentation, meeting, or event more creative, fun, and effective.

Mammut – Climbing and Hiking

Mammut has quickly become one of our favorite partners. Not only is their Colorado office in our backyard but they make amazing gear and the company filled with people that we enjoy spending time with.

We spent a couple days in a secret location climbing, hiking, and shooting photos in the vertical world. Few things are more fun than swinging from ropes in beautiful places and making images with great people.

Deuter – Silverton + Studio

When we received the call from Deuter that the global headquarters in Germany sent their summer shoot our way, we knew we had to blow their socks off. Silverton, known as the Switzerland of the Rockies, was the perfect place to start location scouting.

Scouting something that large takes time so we lean on local scouts to help hone in on areas that reflect the creative. Luckily we were introduced to Sheriff Bruce, he is what you’d call a man of many talents. He owns the Silverton Film office and does a lot of the scouting and production work out of there, he is also the Sheriff and has held numerous other positions in the small town’s government over the years.

He showed up on a dirt bike and proceeded to show us all that Silverton had to offer including the towns best watering hole. Over the next few days he imparted wisdom and history of the area on us only someone who loves their home would know.

Behind the Scenes with Airstream in Steamboat

We’ve been trying harder to capture our process on more of our shoots so that we can pull back the curtain on the process. We have a ton of fun creating this work and we wanted to share a bit of that with everyone else.

Velocity Outdoor – Tim Montana’s Wild Side

When a client asks if we want to capture a private elk hunt with a couple wild country music stars, ‘no’ didn’t seem like an option. We loaded the Pilgrim (Our Airstream converted into a mobile production studio and edit suite) and 2 other RV’s, a complete mobile production village, and headed to an undisclosed location in the Routt National Forest.

Over the course of 4 days the crew harvested 3 beautiful animals that would feed their families for the rest of the year and we produced content for 3 different brands in the Velocity Outdoors portfolio including new episodes of the Tim Montana’s Wild Side.

BCA – Tracker 4

We were tasked with creating a product video for this complicated and life saving product. The trick was to find the line between education and style. It had to be visually compelling enough to represent the BCA brand but also convey dense information. We decided this called for a collaboration with our friends at Studio Rune to create some beautiful 3D renderings of the product.

Madshus – Redline 3.0

How do you create a product launch video that includes an international athlete team during a pandemic when no one can travel or be together? We worked with Madshus’ producers around the globe to film new content and shot our own studio imagery to heroize the ski itself.


From its inception in 2001, SALTO was created with one objective: to devise a world-class access control system that was simple to use and extremely efficient, giving users the ability to control all their access needs and secure all their doors without complex and expensive wiring.

Royal Crest Dairy – Studio

Royal Crest has been a staple of Denver’s farm to table scene for over 100 years. If you’ve added cream or milk to your beverages at battery621, you’ve enjoyed their product.We love supporting companies that have a positive impact on our community. Sourcing  products from local farms benefits everyone involved. We’ve loved creating imagery and recipe videos for them over the last two years. Delicious locally sourced food deserves carefully crafted media and we’re proud to play our part.

Smartwool Studio – Intraknit

Intraknit™ Merino wool base layers have less seams, an articulated performance fit, and body-mapped ventilation to cut down on bulk while allowing for better movement.

We wanted to highlight these attributes and show dynamic motion in a dramatic lighting scheme. This shoot was all about movement, stretch, and cutting edge technology.

Basecamp20 Beauty Reel

Compilation of some pretty shots from our Airstream Basecamp20 shoot near steamboat.

Tool of The Month

The more we get to know Omnicharge the more we like it. The Omni 20+ not only has ample USB outputs it wirelessly charges devices AND… has a 110volt output. All in on tight package that you’ll be willing to carry into far off and remote places.

Thanks for following us on our journey!