THE BLAST – April 2019

We’re going to make an honest effort to get these emails out more often than once a quarter. The goal is to share more often and to avoid the overwhelmingly long scroll. Let us know which approach you prefer.

We’ve been busy with projects that we’re excited about and can’t wait to share all of them. In 2019 we’ve been lucky enough to continue producing work for Airstream, Thor Industries, Smartwool, Spyder, Taos, Inkwell, and Moet Hennessy. We’re also looking forward to projects with: Deuter, Breck Distillery, Flylow, and many more. Thanks for following along!


Thor Industries

We’re in a phase of this project where we can only tease what we’ve been up to. We couldn’t be more excited to parter with Thor Industries to tell stories we’re truly passionate about with a message of how nature and adventure can heal. We can’t launch the whole project yet but here are a few teaser images.

We can proudly say that one of the stories is about our hero Shannon Galpin. She’s a National Geographic Adventurer of the Year, a Fellow of the Explorers Club (the US version of the UK is the Royal Geographic Society). She was instrumental in establishing Afghanistan’s first female cycling team. She’s a revolutionary, an artist, a mother, a stoke survivor, an author, and an all around amazing human. More to come on our project together!



Joshua Tree

We shot in Joshua Tree with Thor Industries and First Descents. Again, we can’t tell the whole story but we can say that both organizations are truly thoughtful about how to make a better world and we’re honored to help tell their stories. More coming soon!



Taos, Inkwell

Inkwell brought us on to write, direct, shoot, and edit 5 short pieces to tell the story of Taos and their B-corp program. The pieces will drop in the fall but we can share a few images. Here’s what Ian had to say about his trip:

This trip was my 3rd time to @Skitaos. The last time I really got to ski Taos was for a @Powdermagazine article in 2008. Not much has changed. Taos is a paragon of smart, sustainable, community oriented growth. In a world destroying itself with a disastrous growth at all cost philosophy, Taos has managed to exemplify a smart thoughtful model. They seem to embrace the “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” motto with the caveat of “if it IS broke, fix it right”. They recently became the first resort in the world to become a B-Corp. As such they’ve committed to the triple bottom line mandate that puts environment, employees, and community on equal footing with profit. We saw some of the tangible manifestations of that philosophy in between ripping runs on some of the raddest inbounds terrain in North America and immediately becoming enamored with funky authentic vibe and read deal people. We’ll be sharing the piece highlighting these stories soon. Thanks @inkwell @thepublicworks @danielkellybrown @hilaree @hadhammer for the awesome trip!



Spyder, Taos

Coincidentally, right after we signed on to produce some work for the Taos Resort, Spyder chose Taos as a location for a catalog shoot.

Dag had this to say about Taos as a location, “We were told the snow forecast is usually a vague brush stroke and weather is fast moving like a wave that rushes up from the valley below so plan for the worst and hope for the best. The first few days were gorgeous spring ski days, soft corn sliding under our edges, fun skiing but not the epic deep powder that skiers dream of. As we started to knock off the shot list, we discovered the little eccentric gems this place offered for photos. ”

Eventually they got smashed with over a foot of new overnight and got it good.

Smartwool – Secret Location

We’ve been absolutely forbidden to share this location. It’s a private, unlisted, cat access ski “resort” with various lodges and hideaways that make for a photoshoot dream. This spot has been our on our personal maps for years and we were thrilled to have the chance to take one of our favorite clients there for a catalog shoot.


Champagne, tennis, Palm Desert, pretty people, fancy stuff. Always a pleasure working with the crew at Moet Hennessey.


Airstream Around the World

We had the amazing opportunity to spend a few days with the Smith Family in Florida. Jackie Smith, 94 years old, is the last surviving adult from an Airstream around the world caravan in 1964. Her husband was hired as the official journalist on the year long trip and they brought their three children, Scott at 7 years old, Judy at 5, and baby Lori as a 1 year old. They told us stories about learning of JFK’s assassination while in a remote village in Cambodia and visiting Lenin’s remains in Red Square when Russia was still the USSR.

Mike Arzt on 

Mike is the Co-Founder of The Public Works. His unparalleled combination of energy, creativity, humor, work ethic, and intelligence is what drives everything we do. He keeps the fuel in the tank and the wheels from falling off the bus around here. He’s also a legend in the snowboard world. Check out his (highest ranked) interview on The Snowboard Project. Also, here’s a couple photos from his recent, well deserved, pilgrimage to the snowboard mecca of Baldface lodge.

As always… Thanks for following us on our journey!