It’s July 2019 Already!? Crazy how fast time goes by these days. It helps (or hurts?) that we’ve been cranking out work with clients we love.

This Update: Deuter Travel Shoot, Flylow Spring Shoot, Thor Industries Launches Pick Up America, Receptra Naturals CBD Shoot, Airstream in North Carolina, Airstream Catalog Covers, Breckenridge Distillery, Smartwool Intraknit Campaign studio shoot, Spyder Kyds, sailing in the Seychelles for The Moorings, The world’s biggest maritime museum in Mystic Seaport for Airstream, an 800hp ’49 Ford F1 with K&N, Smartwool Lucas Beaufort Art

AIRSTREAM – North Carolina

We had the pleasure of partnering with Element Three to create still images and moving pictures of the Bambi and the new Caravel. This was an all-time jam-packed shoot. One day of scouting and 6 locations in 2 days. We captured beach scenes and bridges, highways and dirt roads. We shot a guy and his dog in the forest, a fishing trip, a lighthouse, a family gathering, and a crawdad boil.

Shooting trailers is always a challenge, from the dozens of turn arounds for driving shots to the meticulous parking jobs and trailer cleaning, it’s a difficult subject to shoot but honestly, it’s one of our favorites. After working alongside Airstream for over 5 years we’ve shot trailers in almost every environment imaginable from backcountry snowstorms in the mountains to beaches on both coasts.

Bambi Launch Video

AIRSTREAM – Catalog Covers

It’s always exciting to see our work in print but we’re especially proud to have captured the images for 4 out of the 6 2019 catalog covers.

THOR – Pick up America

We feel lucky to have partners that care as much about the health of our planet as we do. It is especially impactful when publicly traded companies as big as Thor Industries get involved. Last month, Thor Industries launched their Pick Up America campaign. We designed the logo and identity and our good friends at Zaneray designed this snappy beautiful microsite.


Representing the home turf. We love working with Colorado brands, especially when they make product as good as Breckenridge Distillery. Last month we headed into the backcountry on a human-powered (no snow machines) mission to the Francie’s hut. We had ridiculously heavy sleds full of gear but we love that kind of challenge, plus it was only a few miles and a few thousand vertical feet to get to the hut. Once there, even though we were rocking out footage for a client, it immediately felt like hut life. There is something special about sharing an off the grid shelter in an insanely beautiful place with a small group of friends.

SMARTWOOL – Intraknit Campaign Studio Shoot

Smartwool has been an awesome partner. While our favorite shoots are deep in the backcountry, we love creative challenges as well. Our studio master Dag Larson knocked this one out of the park. We had a ton of fun experimenting with smoke, fog, slow shutters, and light streaks.


Here, Dag Larson shows the team how to properly motivate and instruct small children. It seems to be working.


THE MOORINGS – Seychelles

Our annual shoot for The Moorings is always a standout shoot. Heading to gorgeous exotic locations to live on a sailboat is awesome but it’s really about the people we get to spend time with. Icelantic has been running this trip for years and we’ve been lucky enough to join for the last 5. We couldn’t imagine a group of 10+ people we’d rather be stranded on a desert island with (literally).



We’ve been working with our good friend Stix for well over a decade from Airwalk, to RedBull to PBR he has been a pillar of professionalism, smart marketing, and good times. The fun continues at Receptra CBD. We joined the good folks at Receptra as they planted new crops to showcase the love and care that goes into their product and the plants it comes from.


AIRSTREAM – Mystic Seaport

“Mystic Seaport Museum is the nation’s leading maritime museum. The Museum’s grounds cover 19 acres on the Mystic River in Mystic, CT and include a recreated New England coastal village, a working shipyard, formal exhibit halls, and state-of-the-art artifact storage facilities. The Museum is home to more than 500 historic watercraft, including four National Historic Landmark vessels.” Our nation’s rich maritime tradition has historically shaped our economics, science and technology, art/literature, international relations, and the environment.



SMARTWOOL – Lucas Beaufort

We loved spending the day with Lucas Beaufort for Smartwool. He’s been on a roll with outdoor brand partnerships recently which fits perfect with his humble personality and background in snowboard and skate. This piece is a representation of the visual elements of a nightmare (his “monsters”) he had that he’s transformed into a vision of peace and harmony.

“Yeah man, my monsters are living in my head. They have a big apartment with a beautiful lake view. Sometimes I feel I am their puppet, their thing. I would like to control them but they can do anything with me.” – Beaufort


DEUTER – Travel Shoot

Deuter is the kind of client that motivated us to pick up a camera for the first time years ago. They give us the opportunity to create photos that inspire folks to venture out into the wilderness and experience the peaceful relief nature provides. For the past few years we have generated hundreds of those environmental images for the them so when they came to us and asked us to combine that same energy into their new travel line we were excited for the challenge and where we would take it.


Climbing in Redstone

We all have our own version of pushing the limit, for some it might be physical, others mental, for Dag Larson, it’s a combination of the two with an injection of creative.

“The idea of spinning around on a rope hundreds of feet off the ground while trying to compose a photo sounds hard enough. Now think about getting into position to create that photo you need to be keen on your gear and physically strong to move fast for that next photo without impeding the climber.  Predicting the movements of a climber is important since you may only get chance to create the photo.  On the fly  figure out how the angle will emphasize not only the movement but the gravity of the problem and create the proper depth to turn the viewers stomach in a knot, convey that angst and anxiety of the moment.” – Dag

TOOL OF THE MONTH – KW Hammocks and Telesteps telescoping ladder

These are by far the most comfortable hammocks and hammock chairs we’ve ever sat in. The telescoping ladder has become an essential part of our production kit. Highly recommend both (Viking pictured not included).


That’s all for now folks. As always, thanks so much for following us on this journey!