We just returned to Denver from a quick trip to Mammoth Lakes to shoot lifestyle with Julia Mancuso, TJ Lanning, and Jake Zamansky. The photos were primarily for European marketing materials and the brief was simple product-focused naturally lit photography.

Due to our car full of dead cell phones and an unfortunate and unnecessary detour sign we ended up getting the scenic tour of Tahoe’s surrounding area en route to Mammoth. Though the drive took close to 3 hours more than it should have, we traveled through some amazing landscapes and found several questionable ways to entertain ourselves on the road (photos below).


Once in Mammoth we grabbed a quick bite and headed straight out to the famous hot springs with TJ. We were predictably beat to the location by a naked and dreadlocked local but after being subjected to a few minutes of illicit Tai-Chi we were left alone in the surreal desert expanse. With snow still lingering on the rolling mountains to the south, serated peaks to the West, and endless desert to the East it was easy to change the feel of the photos while keeping a consistent story and feel of the location.

After a good morning session we headed back into town and met up with Jake and Julia. Julia was straight out of the emergency room where she acquired 9 brand new stitches after an on-hill crash. Luckily they are in a sweet action hero scar location on her arm and she was good to hang out and get some shooting/playing around done in the afternoon.

We shot in the village and drank mexican beer before heading back out into the desert. We rallied the rental car, played in the road, drank beers, explored unmarked dirt roads and captured some beautiful imagery thanks to a solid fun talented crew. Thanks guys!

The next day we got a chance to spend the day cruising around Mammoth and playing in the Unbound terrain park in the spring slush (which is awesome since Colorado basically didn’t have a spring park season). We caught up and spun some fun laps with Joss Christensen before hitting the road back to Reno for the night.

Reno is a whole other story but we had a hilarious time people watching, mini-bowling, and comprising the entire cheering fan section of the US Open Championships of Bowling at Reno’s National Bowling Stadium. It wasn’t quite thefinal scene of Kingpin but it was an amusing spectacle none the less. Good Times!

Unfortunately, as usual we can’t share any final shots as the product is still samples.

Entertainment en-route

Getting weird in the desert

The hot spring parking lot scene is going off

This is as close to action photography as we got

Arzt getting some rays in between shots

Big thanks to: @TheLanning @jakezamansky @SpyderAntidote @JuliaMancuso @josschristensen @MammothUnbound

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