The Public Works recently documented an amazing day with Red Bull. One of the best skateboarders in the world, Ryan Sheckler, and one of the best snowboarders in the world, Louie Vito (of Dancing with the Stars fame), spent the day with some of our Country’s military heroes.

The day began at Dragon Man’s compound just outside Colorado Springs, Colorado. Here, anyone with the guts and the credit limit can saddle up and shoot an array of fully automatic weapons. Dragon Man also has a personally run military museum—the Colorado Springs Historical Military Museum. The museum is mind-blowing. This place is worth a trip for anyone; it displays, among other things, over 85 vintage military vehicles, including one of every jeep ever made from the first Willies to the modern day Humvee.

At Dragon Man’s compound, Ryan and Louie got to shoot some flame throwers and set off a bomb or two. The real highlight though was that a decorated solider of the 10th Special Forces Group taught Ryan and Louie the proper handling and firing of everything from M4’s, to AK47’s, to a Barrett .50 caliber rifle. This solider, “Jar”, was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross for duties he performed in Iraq. This award is the second highest award in the military. And, Jar is being considered for a possible award of the highest honor, the Congressional Medal of Honor. (To learn more about Jar, check out – ). One of our favorite parts of the day was watching Jar teach Ryan Sheckler how to shoot his personal duty weapon.

It was surreal watching Ryan Sheckler—an X Games gold medalist and world renown personality—ask for autographs from these military heroes. Both Ryan and Louie stated that it was one of their best life experiences.

We ended the day by going to Fort Carson where a line-up of hundreds of military families were awaiting the arrival of Ryan and Louie. A solid two hours were dedicated to autograph signing, with kids shaking and almost in tears as they got to meet their idols.

All in all it was a most humbling and amazing experience. We were surrounded by these brave men who go out into the most hostile environments to protect our freedom so that we may live freely to snowboard, skateboard, photograph, and enjoy our way of life—which we take for granted all too often.