We’re back in the full swing of production. It feels good to be working as a team again, creating, and doing what we love. We feel beyond fortunate to work with so many great people and companies that have kept us going through the last months.

Huge thanks to all the amazing brands that have continued to work with us and find creative ways to make compelling content while traveling less and practicing safe pandemic protocol. In the last couple months we have helped launch 2 new Airsteam products, a new category for Otterbox, a new market for Silky Saws, and created content for a number of other brands including Salto Locks, Dueter, Flylow, Tharp, Hestra, Solo Stove, and Smartwool.

Airstream – Basecamp20 Launch

This is the kind of challenge we live for. We shot two new Airstream products on a private mountain based completely in an off the grid hunting cabin outside of Steamboat.

We’re proud of the imagery and the outputs and the numbers speak for themselves:

From a PR perspective this shoot gained: 32 placements garnering a total of 629,028,033 impressions. It helped result in “Our highest web traffic day (without an email push / newsletter with model year updates) to our entire database”, gathered “Tons of positive feedback” on social, and an “insane” amount of sales leads.


We’ll let the folks at Airstream explain some of the process in their own words:

“It was a complete blast. We not only got what we went for and everything worked out with the Basecamp 20 shoot but it was an adventure from start to finish. Weather was perfect. Food was great. Crew was responsive and professional. Talent worked out better than ever imagined. Locations were unbelievably beautiful.”

“We knew the Basecamp 20 launch was coming so we started having conversations prior to COVID-19 about how we were going to accomplish the shoot. We had an initial plan that was completely busted as COVID started to rise and the world began shutting down. The plan had been turned upside down and the biggest challenge was now that we knew we still needed to make something happen. We went back to the drawing board and put together one of scrappiest plans in order to make this work.”

Challenge: shoot location, travel restrictions, talent, and limited budget due to COVID

Solution: TPW suggested moving the shoot outside of Denver instead of South Dakota to a beautiful location that still fit the vibe of the Basecamp and was able to tell the full story. With a scaled-down crew that tirelessly worked to check the boxes on a creative brief that had only been completed two days before shooting, it was communication, timing, and relationships that made it all come together. TPW also worked to find talent that fit the product and were absolutely brilliant to work with. By being a real family that were comfortable with each other, the shoot became so much easier and I believe came out a better product than if they were paid actors.


Challenge: We needed two tow vehicles that matched with the Basecamp 16 and Basecamp 20

Solution: in working with IMRE, Airstream’s PR agency, we were able to work with Toyota corporate. By being an excellent partner, TPW agreed to terms with Airstream and Toyota and were able to adjust the original large quote from Toyota to free so we could borrow the vehicles for the duration of the shoot.

Challenge: supplying props to fit the scene and outfit the talent

Solution: TPW bringing in other partners (Solo Stove, Silky Saws, Hestra, Smartwool) to complement the scene and outfit the vehicles, product, and talent with high-performance gear which was mutually beneficial


Challenge: capturing the “moment” to reveal the Basecamp 16 growing into the Basecamp 20

Solution: TPW bringing their own Basecamp 16X to accomplish this pivotal moment. Otherwise would have been expensive and impossible.

Challenge: Turnaround time on final assets was slim

Solution: We didn’t have much time to move from shoot, filtering out selects, and putting together a sizzle video. TPW was quick to identify what they needed to move to the next step in order to meet a deadline, receptive to feedback, and took the instruction precise to deliver final photos and video that made it easy to implement quickly on Airstream.com, release to press, and Airstream dealerships.

The Magic: when tasked with a giant challenge in a time where things are increasingly complicated, there’s truly only one way to accomplish the goal: push through. With being the person who creates the vision for the shoot and has an idea of the desired end product by crafting the brief, it’s magical to work through the entire process and end up with something is not only usable, but also inspiring. TPW knew the Basecamp product before going into the shoot which is insanely helpful, but they still ensured that all of the necessary scenes were captured. Only through good communication is this possible and every day of the shoot required that we group together and talk about the logistics of the shoot to be positive that we were getting the end product we were looking for.

It took resilience, it took grit, and it certainly took sacrifice from everybody that was involved to make this happen. I was proud to release the photos and video to the world so they could share in our fun from Colorado that week and be inspired to do the same thing someday.

Silky Saws / Hestra

We’re thrilled to have the opportunity to work with Silky Saws, a 100+ year old Japanese saw brand known for making the highest quality hand saws on the market. They already dominate the arborist market and were looking to expand into the outdoor world. We knew immediately that they were exactly the kind of brand we wanted to work with and that we could help.

Our first shoot was at a secret private mountain west of Denver. Edit coming soon!


Smartwool has long been one of our favorite partnerships. One of the main reasons is that they enable us to do, and shoot, what we love. We’ve rock climbed in Puerto Rico, mountain biked and surfed in Oregon, and trail ran in Sedona and Flagstaff. Marshall, TPW’s lead director of photography, is an amazing fly fisherman. Rarely do we go somewhere near a body of water that he doesn’t pull fish out of. Whether it’s bass out of ponds of big browns out of a Montana river, he can quickly assess the million elements that go into understanding where the fish will be and what they will be interested in eating. It’s fun to watch people you respect do what they’re good at and passionate about. It’s even more fun to shoot them. Thanks Smartwool and Marshall.



We love working with other Colorado based brands especially ones that align with our lifestyles. We would be using Otterbox product even if we didn’t work together which always makes for a good partnership.

This shoot was for a new category for Otterbox: Power. We produced the whole thing in our building Battery621 in Denver implementing strict COVID production protocols. This was one of our first big shoots back in the saddle and it went great. Thanks to the Otter crew for the fun socially distanced shoot.