Though we cherish the variety of our projects, clients, and collaborators, we’re finding a particular joy in telling stories of people and companies endeavoring to do good in the world.

We have chosen First Descents as one of our primary philanthropic partners. We’ve experienced the undeniable power of their programs and believe wholeheartedly in the power of adventure and time in nature to teach and heal. It’s not possible to experience one of their programs and not feel the tangible difference it makes in the lives of the participants.

This project was the second in a series we’re producing with with THOR Industries highlighting the healing power of nature. THOR has made a powerful multifaceted commitment to support the mission of First Descents. In addition to financial contributions, awareness raising efforts, and staff volunteering, THOR effectively saved FD’s Montana programming by also providing trailer units. The trailers, which provided housing for participants, staff, and volunteers, enabled FD to utilize a generous offer to use the beautiful and historic Cliffs Ranch in Ovando, MT as a location.

As a direct result of THOR’s partnership of First Descents and on this project specifically, 13 young adults with cancer had their lives changed for the better. We could not be more proud to tell their story.

Projects like these take a village. We had over 30 people working together and living off the grid for a week in the woods of Montana. It was a big complex puzzle with a million moving pieces but thanks to the hard work of the First Descents Staff, the Tarkio guides, THOR Industries staff, the Cliff’s ranch staff, and our entire production team, it all came together as one big beautiful thing.


Also thanks to all these brands for helping provide product:

Hestra Job Gloves
We don’t leave home without gloves. Got to protect those precious shutter fingers. Plus on a mission like this First Descents / THOR Industries shoot we were wrangling RV’s, tons of gear, chainsaws, firewood, water jugs, setting up tents and so on. Real work means real gloves. They were also amazing on the river for serious raft rowing.
KW Hammocks
We discovered these hammocks on a trip to Key West and have no doubt these are a best-in-class item. Their hammock chairs might possibly be the most comfortable creation ever to sit or recline in. Add in the stand and you’ve got portable nesting. People were getting to campfire extra early to claim these wonderful seats.
Solo Stove
This fireplace will change your life. A portable fire pit that burns wood better which in turn kicks out more heat with less smoke is amazing. Bonus on top of that is that there are barely any ashes and what there is remains contained in the stove until it is emptied. Comes with a carrying bag so you can just toss it in the trunk of your car.
Zamp Solar
Zamp is a go to supplies of solar solutions to the RV industry. Many trailers come pre-wired now so that these panels are plug and play. We were off the grid for a week at Cliff’s Ranch and all we needed to do was hook up a Zamp panel and top off the trailer batteries. These panels fold up, go into a case and stow away like nothing. With the alligator clips it is easy to top off your vehicle battery also.
Harmonic Cornhole
Harmonic Media has been a longtime partner of The Public Works with their printing and additional services. Recently they launched a sister company making superb, custom, cornhole sets. So nice to have these along at Cliffs Ranch adding some beautiful First Descents branding and fun for all.