NEW REEL LAUNCH: We’re fired up to get this thing out into the wild. Enjoy!

TPW YULE LOG: Some easy uplifting viewing to queue up and let roll in the background.

FITNESS: Some links to help keep the body moving

During these challenging and uncertain times, The Public Works wanted to put some positivity out into the world. Like everyone else, we’re looking ahead and doing our best to plan and prepare for whatever is to come, but we still want to celebrate all the beautiful parts of life. We want to share what inspires us and what keeps us positive and pushing forward. We want to share small wins and find more ways to help. 

The goal of this email is to put some of that positivity into your inbox. We truly believe that much good will come out of this challenging situation. We’re already feeling more connected than ever to our people from across the world and we’re loving all the positivity in the face of a difficult circumstance.

Reel launch

Each clip in this reel represents weeks or months of planning, preparation, and hard work. Behind every clip is years of relationships, team building, and stories that will stay with us forever. We’re excited to share the piece with you and as we all continue through these strange times, we will share stories and images from behind the scenes on our social media feed.

TPW COVID-19 Yule Log 

The Yule Log was created in 1966 by Fred M. Thrower, president and chief executive officer of WPIX, Inc. It aired from 1966 to 1989 on New York City television station WPIX and was surprisingly well watched. 

The original Yule log program was 4 hours long. Which seems like it would stretch viewer’s attention spans to the breaking point but it was, in fact, far from the longest run time of any TV program: NRK holds the world record for the longest live-coverage TV program: 134 hours of a cruise ship traveling up the Norwegian coast that drew up to 3.2 million viewers, 60 percent of the country’s population. It also aired an eight-hour train journey that was so popular it was repeated.

Weird trivia aside. We thought we’d release our own version of the Yule log for all you folks quarantined at home and just looking for some background eye candy to bring nature into your home.

Without further delay, we bring you, the TPW (Shelter in Place) Yule logs, one spring and one winter. We made them downloadable to ease up on your already over-taxed home wifi.





Exercise is an important part of physical and mental health. Many cities and states around the country have announced a full lock down but made an exception for exercise. If you don’t have the option to go outside, many businesses are live streaming fitness classes. It’s a great way to support small businesses that can’t have their doors open currently. Check and see if your local studio is offering anything to make sure they’re still open when the dust settles.

Planet Granite rock gym is live streaming and recording yoga classes

Nike is offering its fitness app for free:

Some other links to check out


Actual lemonade


We’re all doing our best to turn metaphorical lemons into lemonade. If you need a break from the hard work that that requires, you can watch these slightly strange ASMR videos of people making and drinking actual lemonade. If you haven’t heard of ASMR… you’ve got a crazy rabbit hole a google search away. 


Ways we can help you make content and stand out

This is a time for prudence and smart planning but it can also be a moment of opportunity. When so many companies have the “be back soon” sign swinging from their doors, the companies and brands that continue to communicate with their fans and customers are going to stand out.

We can help. There are many ways we can help you create compelling and powerful work without breaking social distancing norms safety precautions.

Stock Footage and Still Photography – We have a massive database of imagery from decades of shooting that can be utilized for your project.

Repurposed Content – We can help you repackage and utilize the footage you and your company have already put in the hard work to capture.

Animation – Story telling is not limited to live action footage. We can find the humor, beauty, and emotion in your message and tell your story through animation.

Motion Graphics – We have a talented staff of artists that can augment existing footage or create something completely from scratch that tells your story in a beautiful and creative implementation of motion graphics.

Aggregation of user generated content – While we’re all stuck in our homes and behind our computers, it’s a perfect time to tell your story through the words of your staff or customers. We can package these stories in a compelling and creative final product.

Written Content – A picture tells a thousand words but sometimes you need a couple extra. We have in-house copy writing talent that can help you tell the story you want to convey.

Voice Over – We have a vast network of voiceover talent that will help you tell your story.


We also know that with events, meetings, rep appointments, and travel cancelations that you might have new unanticipated communications needs. We can help make them shine.

Reach out to find out more about how you can be telling beautiful, funny, heartfelt stories during these crazy times.

Bubbles Knows

We’ll end with a word from our Canadian friends.