Normally we reserve our blog for “work-related” items but we decided The Public Works shred day was worth mention if for no other reason than that we got the entire crew to hang out at once.

We did our best to carpool and convened in the Evergreen Walmart parking lot to consolidate gear and grab a coffee for those that forgot to snag a delicious Coda espresso (shameless plug) at Battery621.

The whole crew (12 deep) rolled in strong to Montezuma Basin and immediately started our assault of the area. We had 3 sleds, 4 guns, and a mini-shred booter going off simultaneously from bell to bell.

Unfortunately we ran out of clay pigeons in the first hour but that didn’t stop the crew from finding make-shift targets. High marks were had, mini-golf lines were shredded, and the whole crew rolled out after an epic sunset with shit-grins and beat up bodies.